Small concrete jobs you can do yourself, no need to necessarily call a company. ūüôā

For the majority of DIYers, ready-mix, crack-resistant concrete is the ideal material to use when making a concrete slab. I’ve done simple jobs around the house with what you can get at your local hardware store. The wet mixture is then placed into a ready-made wood mold and allowed to cure. Or if you’re digging a hole in the ground, the hole is your slab box. The sides of the form are knocked off once the concrete has dried and the slab is prepared for usage. The beauty of making a fence, or something where you’re pouring into a hole, you get to skip this step. ūüôā

Gravel, sand, cement, and additional ingredients are combined to create ready-mix concrete.  You can add unwanted rocks and gravel from your yard while doing a project at home!

Readymix¬†concrete¬†comes¬†in¬†bags¬†and¬†can¬†be¬†found everywhere.¬†It¬†has¬†all¬†the¬†ingredients¬†needed¬†to¬†build¬†concrete,¬†minus¬†the¬†water. Buy¬†crack-resistant¬†ready-mix¬†to¬†prevent¬†the¬†need¬†for¬†reinforcing¬†bars¬†(rebar)¬†to¬†be¬†set¬†for¬†strength, as shown in the picture above.¬†On¬†smaller¬†concrete¬†slabs,¬†its¬†synthetic¬†fibers¬†render¬†rebar¬†unnecessary. Strength, organization, and speed are necessary for moving concrete by hand in a wheelbarrow, which is what Ive always done at home. You might need helpers for this 3-by-3-foot slab. While a third person spreads out the mixed concrete in the form, two persons will mix the concrete in the wheelbarrow. Wait¬†till¬†it’s¬†dry¬†and¬†warm¬†before¬†pouring¬†your¬†concrete¬†slab.¬† The weather does come into play an affect the out come of your overall pour experience. Don’t make this a pour experience but a nice one. ūüėÄ

For¬†five¬†days¬†after¬†pouring,¬†the ideal¬†temperature¬†should¬†be¬†70¬į¬†F¬†or¬†greater¬†for¬†the¬†majority¬†of¬†ready-mixes.¬† The¬†drying¬†period¬†will¬†be¬†extended¬†to¬†seven¬†days¬†if¬†you¬†pour¬†the¬†slab¬†at¬†temperatures¬†between¬†50¬†and¬†70¬†degrees¬†Fahrenheit. Makes it tougher for people living in colder climates to deal with concrete, but we have our ways. ūüôā

Bags¬†of¬†concrete¬†are¬†very¬†heavy;¬†thus,¬†have¬†help¬†moving¬†them¬†to¬†safeguard¬†your¬†back.¬†Dry¬†concrete¬†mix¬†is¬†irritating¬†to¬†breathing¬†and¬†lungs,¬†therefore¬†always¬†wear¬†breathing¬†protection¬†when¬†working¬†with¬†it. Over all try to have fun while dealing with concrete. I think of it like i’m a big kid playing in the sand, but make a permanent sandcastle. ¬†

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